Moodle Salesforce Integration

If you need your Moodle system to sync data with Salesforce one way or both ways, we are here to help you. We build custom solutions for two-way integration between Moodle and Salesforce. It depends on what you need but pretty much everything can be synced both ways between these systems. Integration between the systems can be done via an intermediate code that resides between the 2 systems hosted on an independent server or the other way is to create Salesforce app for salesforce part and Moodle plugin for Moodle part. What fits better in your case can be discussed at length.
Following are some examples of the type of integration most of the clients ask for:

  • Moodle User information with Salesforce Contacts (and Accounts if needed)
  • Moodle Courses with Salesforce Products or you can have a custom Course object in Salesforce
  • Moodle Categories with custom object in Salesforce
  • Moodle Enrollments with custom object in Salesforce
  • Moodle Activities with custom object in Salesforce
  • Moodle grade information with enrollments or activities in Salesforce
  • Moodle course progress and completion
  • Run campaigns in Salesforce to inform learners automatically of new course launches
  • Create users, courses and enrollments directly in Salesforce and sync with Moodle instantly
  • Launch Moodle courses from within Salesforce (Single Sign On - SSO)
  • Instant or scheduled data sync between the 2 systems
If you are looking to integrate Moodle with Salesforce write to us.
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