Moodle, Totara, Blackboard Data Sync

Blackboard Data Sync
If you want to sync data between your learning management system and another system (like CRM, ERP, Financial software or any other online system), we can assist you for this. We have experience with synchronizing data of Moodle, Totara and Blackboard learning management systems with other systems like Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Salesforce, Netsuite, Websites and more. This can be 1-way sync or 2-way sync as required. Data can be synced in real time or it can be a scheduled process that does the sync periodically. Exact mechanism can be decided after going through your requirement and considering other factors like amount of data since performance is also a critical element.
Generally one of the 2 methods are followed to create the sync process. First method is to create web services within LMS system to receive/send data into or out of the the LMS. Similar method can be followed inside the other participating system (like in Salesforce triggers can be written, in Zoho webhooks can send data). The other method is to create an application that uses Web service layer of both the systems to let them send data to or receive data from each other. There are pros and cons of both approaches and a lot also depends on the requirements.

We have rich experience in developing software to sync data between Moodle, Totara, Blackboard and other systems.

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