Installation, upgrade and support

 Installation, upgrade and support
If you are planning to start using Moodle, we can help you with installation and configuration of the systems. We can also provide preliminary training to your staff. You can decide to install Moodle on Linux, Windows or Mac with the database of your choice in the backend provided the combination is supported by LMS system. If you want a website or CMS to be run on top of your LMS system (like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal) we can assist with this as well.
If you need help with upgrading your Moodle instance to a higher version with all the data and plugins, we can assist you with this. Irrespective of the operating system on which your LMS instance is running (Linux, Windows or Mac) and the backend database in use (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or SQLite), we can upgrade and port your data safely. All your themes and plugins which will run without change on the new version will be ported as well. For those plugins or themes which depend on the deprecated database tables or method calls will need to be modified to bring them at par with the new version. In addition if your Moodle instance is integrated with a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal, we will ensure that after upgrade the integration will work as before.

Finally if you need support for health check of your Moodle system, want to keep monitoring them and need monitoring scripts or software to be installed, or you need custom scripts for backups or other maintenance tasks, we can assist with all of this.

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