Multi-tenant Apps (Moodle, Totara, Blackboard)

Multi-tenant Apps
Moodle and Totara are not multi-tenant inherently. But that does not mean multi-tenant cloud applications cannot be built on top of Moodle and Totara. A custom multi-tenant web application can be built which stores information of multiple customers and in the background utilizes a single Moodle, Totara or Blackboard instance. One may also decide to create custom multi-tenant application that has a dedicated Moodle, Totara or Blackboard application behind it for each customer. Either way, building cloud applications on top of Moodle, Totara and Blackboard is becoming very common as companies want to provide simpler interface and several extra features on top of what these LMS systems provide.
If you are looking for the right team to build your multi-tenant cloud application on top of Moodle, Totara or Blackboard we are here to help. We have rich experience in developing web applications in PHP (Core, CakePHP, Codeigniter) and Java frameworks (Struts, Stripes, Spring MVC, Hibernate, EJBs) which are built and hosted in the cloud infrastructure like Windows Azure, Amazon Infrastructure or Heroku. Applications built by us are scalable and secure. We have experience in payment gateway integration, SAML authentication, integration with mass emailing software like Mailchimp and Sendgrid, so we can assist you with each and every feature required in your application.

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